I'm having trouble finding examples or definitions for these two constraints and can't fully grasp it. If anyone could direct me to a resource or maybe explain it, I would be grateful!

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CodaCond is short for "Coda Condition", and, according to McCarthy (2008: 225), is violated once per "consonant place specification that is not linked with an onset consonant (Ito 1989). Sometimes used as a cover constraint for a collection of restrictions on consonant clusters that includes the Coda-Condition proper."

OCP is presumably short for "Obligatory Contour Principle", which stated "adjacent identical tones are prohibited" but has been extended to segments and features, so, if I understand correctly, OCP(place) prohibits a succession of segments with the same place features.


Here are some examples of OCP-place (not all, but most of them), and here are examples of CodaCond.

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