There is a restaurant chain in the Czech Republic called the Potrefená Husa. Husa in Czech is Goose, but I can't find a meaning for Potrefená in any of my usual sources (Google Translate, dict.cc, etc.,). Does anyone know if this word has a meaning?

(I would ask this on a Czech-specific SE, but it looks like such a site does not exist.)


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Potrefená is a feminine gender past passive participle of the perfective verb potrefit “to hit”, its imperfective counterpart trefit has the same English translation, “to hit”. This verb is a borrowing from German treffen “to meet, to encounter; to hit, to strike. So, potrefená means “[the one that was] hit, struck”, and potrefená husa means “the hit goose, the goose that was hit”.

This expression used as the name of restaurants is both quite clever and funny at once, since potrefená husa comes from a number of proverbs and sayings about a guilty or suspected person unintentionally disclosing oneself, like Potrefená husa se vždycky ozve – “The hit goose will always call back” mentioned in the comment above by @user6726, or Potrefená husa nejvíc kejhá — “The hit goose honks the most” — meaning the person concerned/guilty will disclose oneself by raising some comments, objections, confirmations, etc.

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