Obviously, almost all the online dictionaries could map some verb forms like "spoke, spoken, speaking, speaks" to its base form "speak".

I've searched this on github but didn't find anything.

Is there an open/free database to do this job?

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    this process is called lemmatisation (because it takes a given form of a word and returns the citation form, or lemma). I don't know of solutions that are databases, but there are plenty of open source lemmatisers available
    – Tristan
    Sep 18 '20 at 8:52

I don't know about a database necessarily, but you could use Stanford's Stanza to do it yourself. Here's an example. Notice the last code block:

doc = nlp("spoke spoken speaking speaks")
for word in doc.sentences[0].words:

# output: 
# speak
# speak
# speak
# speak

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