Which terminology is applicable when a monothong or diphthong is elongated in duration and with a slightly higher pitch? Would it be vowel breaking or fracturing or something else?

Example 1 (monophthong CAR /ˈkɑːr/) The word 'CAR' as uttered by Person B in the following scenario: Person A: "I think I left it in the car" Person B: "No, it's not in the CA-AR"
Sound clip available in SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/pepe888-1/pronunciation-of-car-diphthongized

Example 2 (HOME / həʊm /) The word 'HOME' as in the following scenario: Boy has just got home, he walks through the front door and wants to let his mom know before he even sees her and he says, "Mom, I'm ho-ome" pronunciation of 'HOME' is stretched and ends with a higher pitch, sound clip available in SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/pepe888-1/vowel-breaking-example

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