I am writing a grammatical description of a language using the package gb4e to produce the interlinear glosses. The editor has asked that the first line of the gloss appear as running text, i.e. is not aligned word-by-word with the second and third lines, but just appears with one space between words.

Simply put, I want the text in the \gll line to NOT align word-by-word with the text in the following line. However, I still want to the following two lines to align word-by-word. Is this even possible?

I've been fiddling with this, but can't figure out how to do it. Any advice would be great!

\setcitestyle{notesep{: }}
\stepcounter{section} % So that the labels have different values

{0pt}{3.25ex plus 1ex minus .2ex}{1.5ex plus .2ex}

\section{-\textit{rqsa} `Affirmative suffix (\textsc{aff}'}

    \glll Ikall ibaw an\textipa{\texttslig} t'amruwata\textipa{\textctt}i jaqqnuchtakilla. \\
    \{ika-ll iba-w an\textipa{\texttslig}.  t'am(u)ru-w-ata-\textipa{\textctt}i jaqq(a)-nuch(u)-taki-lla \}\\
    that-\textsc{top} no-\textsc{decl} very good-\textsc{cop.vbz-re-neg/irr} intoxicate-\textsc{purp-ben-top} \\
    \trans `That really wasn't very good (preparation) for intoxication.'

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