The disambiguation page for the word turtle on wikipedia displays a list of possibilities to choose from.

Many of these possibilities are just the same word turtle but with different meanings.

Considering just those entries that are the same word turtle but with different meanings, is there a noun for the word and one of it's possible meanings?

Said another way, the precise term for an unambiguous pairing of a word and one of its possible meanings together.

I thought term might be close to what I was looking for but the answer to What is the difference between a term and a word? seemed to indicate that term wouldn't be the right word.

Generically the word meaning might work as you could say a word has X number of meanings and if I sum up the X for every word in a language I would get the total possible meanings expressed by all words in that language.

I would like a more precise technical term than meaning(s) if there is one.

  • It's called a reading or sense of the word. – lemontree Nov 7 '20 at 19:15
  • I read in another question that the pair of signifier and signified (going back to Saussure, if I remember correctly) is just defined as a word. Later I read that the terminology isn't precise. Arguably we might say both that true homonyms are different words or the same word, as a matter of polysemy. If you need the answer for writing a paper, just declare your own prefered definition. – vectory Nov 8 '20 at 16:52

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