Looking for some descriptive help for a language description project. Stress assignment in the language is fairly complex and pretty resistant to easy generalizations, although prominence is calculated somehow based on syllable weight. In verbs, where a verb root mostly always takes multiple prefixes and suffixes, phonological processes conspire to make sure that the root is a heavy syllable, either by making sure it maintains a coda or by lengthening its vowel. I'm familiar with some treatments of English stress that maintain lexical stress on the roots of morphologically transparent latinate lexical items, but I am wondering if anyone here is familiar with terminology or work relating to phonological processes which work on a principle like "the root must take primary stress" or "the root must be a heavy syllable".


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    I am familiar with the concepts, but your question is vague and I can't figure out what you're asking. For starters, what language are you talking about, and what kind of data are you dealing with (from a handout, or from a speaker)? – user6726 Nov 19 '20 at 0:31

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