I'm still not confident about whether I've totally understood thematic roles. Can you help me see whether these thematic roles are correct? Thank you in advance!

a.[Hilda] slung [the case] [overboard]. agent, theme, path

b. [In the field] was [a tiny cottage]. location, theme

c. [The cook] beat [the eggs] [to a froth]. agent, theme, goal

d. [Linda] had seen [something fabulous] in a shop downtown. experiencer, target-stimulus

e. [Blofeld] stroked [the cat]. agent, patient

f. [Annaliese] poked [the fire] cautiously. agent, theme

g. [The mole] sniffed [the air] happily, and thought [that spring was here at last]. experiencer, target-stimulus , target-stimulus

h. [Brown] amused [Victoria]. causer-stimulus, experiencer

  • Whether they're correct or not depends on what set of thematic roles you're using. There are a lot and which ones are "correct" depends more on where your teacher studied linguistics than anything else. – jlawler Nov 20 '20 at 18:48

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