Hey guys I am a uni student doing psycholinguistics and currently studying doubly centre embedded clauses for a study on comprehension.

For example a phrase such as: "The man the boy the cat scratched kicked died."

These sentences are notoriously hard to parse, even though they're grammatical, and I need a list of them for a study I'm designing, I'd be grateful for any more examples of such phrases, and for them to not be too similar to each other.

Any help is appreciated, Thanks !

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    The horse the guy my brother knew bought had glanders. They're easy to make up, Since you're doing psycholinguistics you can figure out the rules, I'm sure.
    – jlawler
    Jan 26 at 18:46
  • Thank you very much ! Yes they are easy to make up however since I need to think of quite a few, the difficulty lies in making sure all the examples are semantically plausible (which is the hard part for me), thanks again !
    – sadiyah123
    Jan 27 at 14:09

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