• What are the first words or types of words that are created in a new pidgin language? Here is a list of English-based pidgin languages.
  • What are the first grammatical structures or types of grammatical structures that are created in a new pidgin language?
  • What word structures or grammatical structures are notably left out when pidgins first start, if any?

Basically, how do they evolve, what comes before what generally speaking, or is it a completely random, arbitrary process?

I would assume that complex creole grammar would not exist before some basic nouns and verbs are shared in the pidgin, but perhaps that is a bad assumption. Maybe even transaction-related (buy/sell) or work-related words come first, before more philosophical words, I don't know.

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    This is in principle unknowable, until the time machine is perfected. We cannot know that a certain social interaction will result in a pidgin language some years later and therefore take note of what kind of words and structures are used by those people.
    – user6726
    Sep 13 at 20:20
  • Pidgins are a basic means of communication that arise because several groups without a common language have some occasional need to communicate, so the first words would depend totally on the context and the need that the Pidgin fulfils Sep 14 at 4:17

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