Does anyone know if the paper by Warwick and Russell (often cited as below) exists? I have looked on the EURALEX website and the authors are not listed as speakers in the 4th Conference. Maybe the article only exists as a manuscript? According to WorldCat, the proceedings of that conference have been published, but no library near to me has it.

Susan Warwick and Graham Russell (1990). Bilingual concordancing and bilingual lexicography. In: EURALEX 4th International Congress. Málaga, Spain.

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G. Russell and J. Carroll have kindly emailed me the answer to my question:

  1. The print version of the EURALEX meeting also does not include the paper. And

  2. A summary of the 1990 paper can be read in "Tagging and Alignment of Parallel Texts: Current Status of BCP" (available online) from 1992 Conference on Applied Natural Language Processing. The idea was to use words from a bilingual lexicon together with the statistics of those words in their respective corpus to determine the regions of text to pair.

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