I'm using treetaggerwrapper to stem Italian texts and I'm interested in the final lemmas. As you can see, while other parts of speech are transformed correctly, all numbers are changed to @card@. Is it possible to leave them unchanged?

import treetaggerwrapper
from pprint import pprint

tags_str = tagger.tag_text("Posso riconoscere i numeri come 3,4  99.9?")
tags = treetaggerwrapper.make_tags(tags_str)

[Tag(word='Posso', pos='VER2:fin', lemma='potere'),
Tag(word='riconoscere', pos='VER:infi', lemma='riconoscere'),
Tag(word='i', pos='ART', lemma='il'),
Tag(word='numeri', pos='NOUN', lemma='numero'),
Tag(word='come', pos='WH', lemma='come'),
Tag(word='3', pos='NUM', lemma='@card@'),
Tag(word=',', pos='PUN', lemma=','),
Tag(word='4', pos='NUM', lemma='@card@'),
Tag(word='99.9', pos='NUM', lemma='@card@'),
Tag(word='?', pos='SENT', lemma='?')]

  • Any reason not to just run through the list and set lemma=word if lemma=='@card@'? That seems like the quickest and easiest fix.
    – Draconis
    Commented Oct 15, 2021 at 19:36
  • Thank you @Draconis. ` for x in tags: if x.lemma=='@card@': x.lemma=x.word ` gave me the error "cannot set attribute". By reading on link it turns out Tag is a namedtuple thus immutable. So I had to modify treetaggerwrapper.py by changing the type of Tag, TagExtra and NotTag to recordtype. Commented Oct 15, 2021 at 20:41

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The number is preserved in the word attribute, so it's easy enough to swap it back in. But as mentioned in the comments, Tag is an immutable type. So I propose a fairly straightforward list comprehension/filter:

def fix_numbers(tag):
    if tag.lemma == '@card@': return Tag(tag.word, tag.pos, tag.word)
    return tag

fixed_list = [fix_numbers(tag) for tag in original_list]

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