I'm somewhat familiar with the 20th century debate in the philosophy of language concerning the question of whether names are definite descriptions or rigid designators or something else. I'm curious about how modern linguistics approaches this issue. If there is a consensus on this issue, what is it, and if there isn't, what are the most popular approaches?


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    In linguistics, the term "name" would not be used to refer to words like "dog" or "evasion"; for names like "Bill" or "Mohamed", we would most likely use the term "proper name", or even more likely "proper noun". I assume you are referring to proper names like Bill. Linguists would generally not speak of "definite descriptions" or "rigid designators" except when referring to the philosophical literature. In other words, this is not vocabulary that linguists would typically use, except by dint of involvement in philosophy of language.
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    Jan 10 at 18:14

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