How do I easily find all the documents related to a specific unicode character, starting from the proposal document till any latest modifications to the same (if any)?

For example, if I wanted to find what the unicode character "ݜ" is for, how do I go about doing it? (assuming it is a newly encoded character which is not used much on the Internet)

(Just FYI, this is the proposal document for the above character. What is the official way to track and find this?)


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This isn't an authoritative reference, but I tend to rely on the Wikipedia page for the Unicode block in question.

Looking at the list of Unicode blocks, this character appears to be in the Arabic Supplement block. The History section then links to all the proposals and discussions surrounding that block. The first proposal there (the same one you linked) mentions this character, SEEN WITH FOUR DOTS ABOVE, and explains the rationale:

Writers of the Shina language in Kashmir, needing to write a retroflex /s/ letter, have adopted the convention of using a letter based on SHEEN but with four dots in place of three.

There are a few more paragraphs discussing graphical variants, and the appendix has various examples of use. At a quick glance, none of the other proposals touch on this character.

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