I put the global fall symbol (down arrow) after the stressed syllable because it makes more sense to me. The last content word in a though group is where final inflection usually occurs, the syllable is stressed but then it falls.

enter image description here

However I checked Wikipedia on the global rise and fall and I noticed the arrows appear before the stress mark. Is that necessary or it is up to a personal preference?

  • You can't go down if you don't go up first. The global fall starts with the stressed syllable.
    – Nardog
    May 18 at 21:59
  • >> You can't go down if you don't go up first. << That is true. So, do you mean the arrow should be in front of the stressed syllable, like so: ↘ˈhæp ənd ? May 18 at 22:05
  • +1 There are different conventions. You can't do it here (because you can't do underlining), but one method is to put the symbols before the word, but underline the tonic syllable/nucleus. See John Wells's video here May 23 at 0:47
  • You should definitely see the English Phonetics Archive. Especially those videos posted by Patricia Ashby, Michael Ashby, John Wells and Jane Setter. May 23 at 0:49


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