I was reading through a paper on Albanian stress as I am learning Albanian. The general rule, which the paper [available here: https://home.uni-leipzig.de/jtrommer/papers/alb.pdf] claimed functioned for 97% of Albanian words, was as follows:

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Rule 3 confused me a lot, especially 3.a. Could someone possibly explain what is meant by 3a as I don't know what a 'full vowel' [and couldn't find out by searching, either] - Thanks a lot if you do.

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    FYI this is part of phonology, not a phonetics rule.
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    Jul 8 at 18:01

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The page entitled ‘Sensitivity to Syllable Weight’ which is page 8 of the paper and directly precedes the page with the rule cited in the question has a chart which clearly explains the rule and unambiguously shows that by “full vowel” all the vowels except (schwa [ə]) are meant. Also, page 10 has 3 examples of applying the rule that verify that all.

In the algorithm, “Full_Vowel” is false if the vowel is , otherwise it is true. So, you stress the final syllable of the base form (B) in two cases:

  1. if this final syllable has no and it is closed;
  2. if the nucleus of the final syllable is i, a, u, in this case it doesn't matter if it is closed or open.

And do not forget it is all about the final syllable of the word base, and not of an inflected word form.


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