Aranyam basically means a forest / jungle.

Where does the word 'Aranyam' (Sanskrit) derive from?

I searched online but couldn't find any references for the word except a Hungarian word which is spelled similarly. I recently watched a Project Shivoham video on Youtube (the content seemed well-researched) where the content writer described the etymology of the word 'Aranyam' as derived from a forest goddess by the name 'Arani'.

However, I suspect that the word is derived in relation to the root word 'ranam' which means 'war'. Aranyam being 'where you cannot do a war'.

Can any etymology / Sanskrit buffs shed some light on this?

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As noted in Monier-Williams' dictionary, araṇya (अरण्य) more generally means 'distant, foreign' and is derived from the verb r̩- 'go, move' etc. Raṇa 'battle' derives metaphorically from ran ~ raṇ 'rejoice'.


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