Would the concepts of hyponymy and hypernymy be used for adjectives? Hyponymy and hypernymy are usually used for nouns. And for verbs the WordNet people have created the concept troponymy for a manner kind of hyponymy and hypernymy.

In Danish, there are nybarberet (newly shaved) and glatbarberet (clean shaven) which could have a relation to the "hypernym" barberet (shaved/shaven). Should we say that the hypernym of nybarberet is barberet or are there other ways to model the relationship or refer to the relationship?

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    I see no reason why these semantic concepts should be restricted to specific word classes. They could equally well apply to verbs, for example: ingest could be a hyperonym of drink and eat. Jan 23 at 17:26
  • And certainly such ontological classification is common, like this classification of English verbs of cutting from a lexical semantics class.
    – jlawler
    Jan 24 at 18:40


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