Does anybody know a good software for creating syntax tree diagrams like this ?enter image description here


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For typesetting, the forest package for LaTeX is quite good, and has a lot of presets built in for linguistics purposes (syntax trees, autosegmental trees, etc).

LaTeX forest tree


                [{the fact that...},roof]
                [{is clear to all},roof]

For simpler tasks, like making trees for answers here, I use jsSyntaxTree. It's not very customizable but is very fast and straightforward to use.

jsSyntaxTree tree


[TP [T might] [AuxP [Aux have] [vP [v+V gone] [V t]]]]

Finally, if you're looking to generate them programmatically (e.g. test a automatic parser by printing out the trees it generates), GraphViz is popular and has bindings for most programming languages.

GraphViz tree


   n002 [label="+"] ;
   n002 -- n003 ;
   n003 [label="*"] ;
   n003 -- n004 ;
   n004 [label="X"] ;
   n003 -- n005 ;
   n005 [label="-"] ;
   n005 -- n006 ;


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