Is there any way using any version of Generative Grammar (EST, REST, GB, MP) to show the difference between "the transparent reading" and "the opaque reading" of the same line using two different trees at the deep structure level? For example, having:

John was surprised that the man who won was drunk.

Get a tree that represents the not importance of the description "the man who won" for John's surprise (transparent reading):

((man, х) (won х), у) (John z) (surprised that (drunk у), z)

And another one where description is important (opaque reading):

(John, z) (surprised that) ((man, х) (won х), у) (drunk y),z)

What would these structures look like for this particular case? Maybe for transparent one shouldn't be something like mutual c-command relation between nodes with description and "drunk".

Or am I trying in vain to encapsulate the semantic concept of reference in syntax? If not, is it possible to do the same move with trees for following line?

The murderer of John is insane.


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