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Unusual categorization of slang terms in parts of speech ("cap")

I am not educated in syntax (or any formal linguistics really), so my hypotheses and observations in this question may not be super high-level. I am a young American English speaker from the Midwest. ...
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habitual aspect in english

In discussions of AAVE, people frequently bring up the "habitual be", as in (1) He be working. Usually, they use this as an example of something that Standard English doesn't have. This Wikipedia ...
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SALT Software transcription

When using the SALT software, how does one transcribe non-standard verb tenses used in AAVE. For example, "We is going to the store."
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Characteristics of African American Vernacular English

The actor in this Youtube comedy video seems to be imitating African American Vernacular English (AAVE). I wonder how successful he is. The grammatical features seem to be pretty accurate: y'all as ...
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What percentage of African Americans speak identifiable African American Vernacular English?

I'm looking for (reasonably) scientific statistics on the percentage of African Americans whose speech is sufficiently inflected with AAVE that their speech is identifiable as such. (It would be ...
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