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Models and methodology for analysing raw speech signals. Whereas articulation serves as the qualitative foundation of phonetics, acoustic analysis serves as the quantitative foundation.

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How can I distinguish different consonants in Praat/acoustic analysis?

How can I distinguish different consonants based on acoustic information/spectrographic analysis such as in Praat? Is there a list of acoustic cues for different consonants like there is for average ...
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How does Praat map quantized values to frequency statistics?

I'm working with 16-bit WAV files. As far as I understand, amplitude is measured at a sampling rate of 44100 samples/second (i.e. Hertz), with each sample being represented as binary data through ...
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Is it appropriate to say that [ɕ] is an intermediate form of [ʃ ç]?

The description is found in a paper about the German fricatives How do the three sound differ from each other in ...
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What phonetic features are commonly used in forensic speaker identification and verification?

Speaker verification is the task of estimating how likely it is that two speech recordings come from the same speaker, while speaker identification tries to match a speech recording with one of a ...
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How to compare the F2 values of the vowels statistically?

How can we compare the F2 values of the vowels produced by ten speakers? There are only two vowels to be investigated. Therefore, 20 vowels are produced in total. I believe paired t-test is the way to ...
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Praat: CPP from modified .Manipulation file

I am working with dysphonic speech and Praat's automated pulse detection algorithm is inadequate, so I manually correct the placement of pulses using .Manipulation files. My ultimate goal is to ...
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Praat: How does pitch floor affect number of frames?

With reference to the documentation for the ToPitch function, pitch floor will determine the length of the analysis window, and always ...
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Praat: Interpretation of row number when inspecting sound file

When I inspect a sound file in Praat, I see the following picture: I understand that Praat creates a ny x nx matrix using these values, and that 'nx' refers to the number of frames in the WAV file. ...
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acoustic features for english phonems

in this following paper , if we go to page no- 126 we will find a table with all acoustic features of all german Phonemes.
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