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Questions tagged [acronyms]

Abbreviations formed by using the initial letters/components in a phrase or word. E.g., NATO (from North Atlantic Treaty Organisation), Benelux (from Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg) etc.

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Term for when acronyms are the same in more than one language?

Is there a linguistics term for when an acronym is the same in more than one language? For example, "RIP" (Requiescat in pace.) in Latin is the same acronym as "RIP" ("Rest in peace.") in English.
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Is "Brexit" an acronym? [closed]

I recently took an exam where one of the questions was Is "Brexit" an acronym? I selected no and was marked incorrect by my professor. My common sense says that this was a portmanteau and not an ...
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Ex of Acronym, not Initialism, no vowels in form [closed]

I am wondering if there are any good examples of acronyms that are not initialisms which contain no vowels. Thanks!
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Is there evidence of a place name originating from an abbreviation or acronym?

I was thinking about the city of Los Angeles and how I rarely refer to it by its full name but rather its abbreviation, LA. It doesn't seem unbelievable to me that, in a mostly illeterate society, ...
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How a portmanteau of God's name would be formed [closed]

This is follow up on a question I posed in Mi Yodeya. I was investigating the source of the belief that God's name is "a combination of the words 'Will be, is, was' (יהיה Yihiyeh, Hoveh הווה, haya ...
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Is it acceptable to make an acronym with a 'false' letter? [closed]

(I don't know if this is the right place to ask this; if it's not please let me know.) I want to name something with an acronym, and I found a very good word for it, but there is a word (in the ...
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How to represent acronyms using IPA?

As we all know in IPA isn’t used capital letters. There is also the 2nd option for representation acronyms which is to use dots, but in IPA dots is used to represent syllables. And therefore I'd like ...
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Would an acronym be classified as an icon or an index?

I wonder whether an acronym should be considered as an icon or an index. On the one hand, an acronym is similar to what it stands for, on the other hand, there is often (but not always) a formulaic ...
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