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The large variety of languages spoken in Africa.

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How common is Teke as a written language in Gabon and what variety is usually the basis of the written language?

In many instances of Gabonese media, "Teke" seems to be regarded as a single language, however there are several varieties that are distinct enough to be considered as separate languages. ...
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Confusion with Afrihili Word Machine Problem from NACLO

The Pretext The Problem I am referring to the third subproblem The Data The Confusion The solution states that it is possible to extrapolate from the data that -ma- is used to refer to occupations. ...
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Pre-Hilalian Hilalian dialects comparaison

What are the main differences between Pre-Hilalian Tunisian dialects ( or any other Maghrebi dialects ) and the Hilalian ones ( Pronunciation , vocabulary ... ) . Let’s take the dialect I speak as an ...
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What's the correct etymology of Benin?

From etymonline: former West African kingdom, from the Bini people, whose name is perhaps related to Arabic bani "sons." From Wikipedia article for Edo people: The name "Benin" (...
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Do different Akan varities (Asante, Bono, Fante) in Ghana still have separate written standards in use in the current education system and media?

There are four varieties of Akan that have at some point been developed as distinct written standards: Asante, Akuapem, Bono and Fante. However schools today in all the Akan-speaking regions seem to ...
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Is there a language that uses some kind of second layer traits (signs of a two-dimensional character)?

I've just read about the Saussure's second primordial principle that states that language is linear. This is sometimes interpreted as the notion of one-dimensioness of language. The second dimension ...
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