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Use for questions about Akkadian (or Babylonian), an extinct East Semitic language formerly spoken in what is now Iraq.

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Was the "a" glyph ever used for ajV in Hittite?

As fdb mentioned in a comment: The sequence a-a is a scribal convention for ajV [in Akkadian]. Some Assyriologists treat it as a single sign with the “Lautwert” aju, aji, aja In Hittite, ...
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Why do some theophoric names put the verb first?

Across several Afro-Asiatic languages, it used to be common to use entire sentences as personal names, usually with a deity involved. For example, the emperor Nebuchadnezzar's name in Akkadian was ...
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Did the discovery of Akkadian texts written in Ugaritic script affect our knowledge of Akkadian?

Besides Ugaritic, Hurrian and Akkadian texts, written in Ugaritic alphabetic script, were also discovered at Ras Shamra.1 My question is straightforward: did the discovery of Akkadian texts written ...
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Was the sign U gunû actually pronounced "ugunu"?

In Sumero-Akkadian cuneiform, the Akkadian word gunû "colored, decorated" is used to describe signs hatched across with little diagonal strokes. For example, the sign GAŠAN "lady" (...
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