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The indigenous pre-Columbian languages of North, Central, and South America and their descendants.

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OCR for alaska native languges

I have a physical dictionary of a language that has very few speakers. I have scanned it and would like to OCR it as it is over 300 pages long. The problem is It has characters like ł and ŋ. I have ...
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Did any indigenous American languages have/develop a word for "Native American"?

Obviously the political landscape of the Americas was a hugely complex thing during the period of European colonization, and what was true of one Native American group was almost never true of all of ...
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What is the origin and meaning of the word/name "Idora"? (Shortened)

I have been researching the word "Idora" for a couple years now in hopes of discovering the meaning as it applies to the defunct trolley park "Idora Park" formerly in Youngstown, Ohio. "Idora Park" ...
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