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What is the difference between coreference resolution and anaphora resolution?

Is there any difference between coreference resolution and anaphora resolution? More generally, what is the difference between coreferences and anaphoras?
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Personal vs. Demonstrative Pronouns

I've read in a number of places (e.g. Wikipedia) that Proto-Indo-European had first and second-person personal pronouns, but no third-person pronouns. Instead, a system of anaphoric demonstrative ...
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Clarifications on exophora

An exophora is an expression referring back to something outside the text. Specifically, wikipedia states "not in the immediate text". Does “not in the immediate text” mean not within the ...
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What are the terms for assignable anaphora?

In American Sign Language (ASL) a certain kind of anaphora is found by assigning things in the discourse to physical locations around the speaker. For example, if you say "my brother's new house" and ...
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How far ahead we look when parsing and understanding text

Part of trying to understand how we mentally parse and understand text requires understanding how far ahead we look, which is what this question is about. I'm wondering how we understand how to ...
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Antecedents of prepositions and adverbs

It seems that some prepositions and clausal adverbs have antecedents while others do not – for example because and therefore require antecedents, while in and clearly do not. I was wondering whether ...
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By what can an anaphor be realized?

According to the definition I read on anaphors, it is an expression, which refers back to a word. As examples what this anaphoras can be I was given a pronoun and adverb: Anaphor realized by a ...
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Propositional pro-forms like "so" English?

I'm looking for examples of dedicated embedding pro-forms for propositions in other languages. In particular, I'm curious to know about analogs to uses of so in English like the following: I think so....
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Corpus for anaphora resolution [closed]

I need a test and train corpus for my project containing anaphora. It should atleast have 100 sentences. please help asap?
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Syntactic models than span across multiple sentences

I hope this question is not too broad. I've been reading quite a lot about grammars, and it seem that all of the models I encountered focus on a single sentence level syntax. It seems pretty obvious ...
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Terminology/resources for descriptions like "...the other one..."

Suppose, e.g., that there are two brothers, Bob and Bill, that must do two things but it doesn't much matter which brother does which task. I am interested in constructions like the following: One ...
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Is there a term that refers to a mapping between a person and the adjective that describes them?

Similar to anaphora, referring to a word that refers to itself, is there a phrase for a pair consisting of a word describing a person and an adjective that describes it? EDIT: To clarify: In the ...
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How good are humans at anaphora?

I have been considering what differences or similarities in any properties at all could be found between: a language where whatever the supposed “deep structure” of a language truly is (like, the ...
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Why is "then" deictic?

Then is mentioned as deictic in many papers but I couldn't find a sufficient explanation for that. Every example I could think of involves then acting as anaphora, but how decctic? If I say: I am ...
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Anaphora in the VP shell

I'm trying to build a sentence with an anaphora in place of the direct object or the oblique in the VP layer in order to understand whether it's the oblique or the patient occupying SpecV. According ...
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Please help me identify discourse deixis

I am doing my linguistic analysis report but got stuck with finding discourse deixis. In this conversation: "A: And then because of the difficulties of getting public transport, if you're working ...
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Coreference: Is this a expected output of a coreference system?

Consider the following piece of text: 'The father of Richard is a very nice guy. He was born in a poor family. Because of that, Richard learnt very good values. Richard is also a very nice guy. ...
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Does high-context manifest in Japanese grammar and syntax?

Supposedly being a high-context culture, do modern Japanese text genres also sport a higher prevalence of ellipsis? Do Japanese texts, by and large, sport more kinds of high-context manifestations ...
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Is there any good, theory-neutral definition of long-distance reflexives in the literature?

Long distance reflexives/anaphora/binding are much discussed in the literature, particularly among generativists, but while there seems to be rough agreement on what constitutes a long-distance ...
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Is it possible to pro-drop/null anaphora in Turkish without any reference to the pronoun at all?

My question is inspired from: Person 1 >> "Hey, when are ...
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Need an online freely available Anaphorically Annotated Corpus of English Language for Identification of Discourse Units

I'm in need of a freely available corpus of English language (which may contain text of any genre) but has to be annotated anaphoriacally i-e. Anaphora resolution should have been performed already. ...
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Is it possible that whole relative clause refers/describes one word/phrase in the main clause (without anaphora)?

My running example is the sentence (from the VAT law of one country): The building land is the plot in relation to which the building permit has been issued. There are possible at least two views on ...
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How should coreference resolution be handled for possessive pronouns?

When dealing with coreference resolution, what is the correct way to handle a possessive pronoun followed by another noun? Consider: Alice has a cousin called Bob. Alice went to visit her cousin. In ...
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