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Gradable and Non-Gradable Antonyms

In the lesson about antonyms in "The Study of Language" by George Yule, it is stated that FAIR and UNFAIR are gradable antonyms. To my knowledge, we can form comparative structures with ...
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A tool to replace all words with antonyms

Are there a site or a tool, which can go through a big text and replace every word with an antonym of it? If there are none, then a tool, which translates into a hand-made language would help. I.e ...
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Antonyms yet homophones

In Japanese, 私立 means 'private' and 市立 means 'public, city-owned', both are pronounced shiritsu. Is such a troublesome phenomenon common? Does it have a name?
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What could be the antonym to the word "hyperonym"?

Is the "hyponym" an antonym to the word "hyperonym"? In the sense of the terms themselves, this is true, but does the difference in terms apply to antonyms? The subset that defines the hyponym and ...
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How do contronyms (aka auto-antonyms) arise?

Contronyms are words that are their own antonyms. For example: Sanction can mean to penalize for or approve of. Off can mean activated(the alarm went off) or deactivated. (Additional examples) ...
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What is the term for pairs of words with converse meanings such as (gave<>got) and (bought<>sold)?

I'm seriously struggling to identify a name for the relationship between such words. They are transactional terms,of which there are two parts. They may even show tense. John gave me an apple. I ...
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words between polar antonyms - what are they called?

Polar antonyms, (graded antonyms?) are those that are opposite of each other, yet may possess a range of words/states between them; Tiny, small, medium, large, huge. Is there a word or term for any ...
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