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What are the main weaknesses of autosegmental phonology?

There are several different overarching models of phonology, with different strengths and weaknesses. For example, optimality theory is good at explaining the "conspiracies of rules" that show up in ...
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Is there such a thing as aspiration harmony?

How would one describe the propensity of an aspirate to spread right to an identical consonant in the same word? /tʰeto/ → [tʰetʰo] ~ [tʰeto] (identical consonant); but /tʰepo/ → [tʰepo] *[tʰepʰo] (...
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Data analysis of æ (tense) and æ: (lax) (Lexical Phonology)

I am struggling with performing a phonological analysis (within the framework of Lexical Phonology) on the following data. In an unspecified English dialect, the distribution of the vowels æ (tense) ...
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