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Etymology of Persian suffix 'ـش-' (-eš)?

This suffix equivalent to English '-tion' or '-ment' occurs in many Persian words such as ستایش (setâyeš, "glory"), etc. But its ultimate etymology cannot be found anywhere. Wiktionary stops ...
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To what extent we can trust the oral transmission of Gathas?

Recently, the historicity of Zarathushtra as sole author of the Gathas has been questioned by some philologists, who have focused on the lengthy period of oral transmission, and who consider ...
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Question on Avestan Adjectives

Looking at various examples of Avestan, I am confused on how the adjectives work. For instance, Ahura Mazda, Vohu Manah, Angra Mainyu, Spenta Armaiti, Aka Manah, etc are all adjective first. But Asha ...
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Avestan grammar help: Azə̄m θβąm vaēnami? [closed]

I am constructing Avestan sentence for a language research paper on Iranian languages Are these conclusions correct Subject Azə̄m = I {singular 1st person, nominative) Object θβąm = you (singular ...
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How do we know that Avestan is sister of Vedic Sanskrit and not its daughter?

I am new here and to linguistics. Recently I have developed a passion and an interest for linguistics, but I am not familiar with it. So I got into debate with a person from India. He was claiming ...
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identifying unknown script from artefact [closed]

A friend found these artefacts for sale in Afghanistan, was wondering what the script is? Maybe Avestan?
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