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Is type theory compatible with n-ary branching?

The question by curiousdannii and the extensive answer by lemontree here address the basic workings, advantages, and disadvantages of type theory. I have a related question in this area. As I ...
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Is Uralic Possibly a Branch of the Indo-European Branch?

I've heard that there is a "family" of languages called the Uralic family. I looked up the association between the two languages. I found that there are possible cognates on Wikipedia. I am floating ...
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Are there any European languages that read out dates in the order of year, month, day?

In (usually British) English the date "2018/02/13" is pronounced "13th of February, 2018", which corresponds to the DD/MM/YYYY date format. Same thing is true for Russian, for example ("тринадцатое ...
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Is there any difference in meaning or nuance when the adjective follows the noun in Georgian?

Many languages allow the order of adjectives compared to nouns to vary, but for different reasons: Some languages have very free word order in which case there is little difference between adj + noun ...
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How can adjective-noun order in French be explained by parameter theory?

I just finished reading The Atoms of Language. The gist is that languages have parameters, one of which will tell you which side of a phrase to add a new word. But in some languages, like French and ...