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For questions about calques or loan translations.

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Examples for calque / loan-translation words with different meanings in different languages

Are there words/phrases/compound-words in two different languages that use the same words in their respective languages (like a calque / loan translation) but result in different meanings? Here is a ...
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Are there dictionaries translating roots from one Indo-European language to another?

Are there dictionaries translating roots from one Indo-European language (family) to another? Such dictionaries would be helpful for translating calques like выставка, Ausstellung, and exhibition. ...
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Words that are used in the same contexts across different languages

I am looking for a list of words that, albeit not being [obviously] morphologically related, can be used in different contexts and they have the same meaning in those contexts across different ...
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How to correctly recognize a calque?

Consider the Germanic root "mid/mit" (e.g. middle, Mittel, Mitte), the Slavic root "сред" (e.g. средство, среда), and the Latin root "medio" (e.g. median, medios, mean, moyen). Their derived terms in ...
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German (-stell-) and Slavic (-stav-) languages: who was first?

I have been wondering about the following close parallel between German (I'm not aware of any other Germanic language for which this would hold) and Czech in particular: postavit ~ stellen (to place ...
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Why does the name of the flower 'Forget-me-not' have the same meaning in other languages?

The flower forget-me-not is named "Vergissmeinnicht" in German and "Незабудка" in Russian. The meaning is the same in all three languages. Is this a coincidence?
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