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How to do an interlinear glossing to sentences written in two languages at the same time, e.g. sentences with code-switching?

I have sentences written in German and in the German sentences there are some Italian words and/or morphemes to find. It is like code-switching: When you start talking in German, then a word does not ...
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Language policies in education for Switzerland

In Switzerland there are 4 official languages, Italian, French, German and Romensch. How are the education laws on the places where each one of these languages is spoken? Do the public schools ...
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Language policies in education for Friesland

Friesland is a region in northern Netherlands where the Frisian language is spoken. As part of the Netherlands, Dutch is also spoken. So for natives of Frisian language there should be an educative ...
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Reasons for code switching absence

In bilingual regions often there's a phenomenon known as code switching, when people swap codes when confronted with a person that uses a different language of their own, even when both people are ...
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Are there any studies on whether code-switching happens more amongst more closely related languages?

I've been looking pretty diligently to try to find any studies that may point to any information regarding code-switching and its frequency among different types of languages, but am not having a lot ...
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