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Accurate English terminology for "complément du nom" and for "complément/complemento" as a general term

I am looking at this kind of French sentences: Le directeur de la banque Un directeur de banque Le livre de l'élève Le livre de français Having done some research about English grammar terminology ...
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Can complementisers be glossed as "C"

I have been glossing complementisers as "C" for years and I could have sworn that I got this from the Leipzig Glossing Rules list of standard abbreviations, however, recently, when I looked, ...
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how to recognize a modifier and a complement in an unclear NPs

You can take those examples which I find very hard and show me on them which is a complement and which a modifier? The idea that he proposed //The idea that it will rain I don't know, seems similar (...
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"Peter sang a song to Julie", Is "to Julie" is an adjunct or complement?

Peter sang a song to Julie. It seems that the verb "sang" selects the preposition, but to Julie is optional. And if we apply it to an X' Schema, how shall we do it? To Julie is the dependent of sang ...
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Syntax X Bar Tree - Complements & Adjuncts

I am having some trouble to identify Complements and Adjuncts. I have the following sentence: "A picture of the accident of Gabriel is saved on the album with a pink cover with the white dots&...
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Is 'love' transitive?

I was just watching a linguistics video in which it was stated that in the sentence "John loves Mary", the verb love requires the direct object Mary, implying that it would be incorrect to ...
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