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Do CP adjuncts of N require/have a subject?

"The cat that ate my homework for fun will upset my teacher." Hello! I created this sentence to help me understand the concept of EPP. Assume this is how the major components should be ...
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Yoruba purpose clauses

Is there anyone who knows how are made purpose clauses of Yoruba? I know that in typological literature they are classified as balanced (= the verb form of the purpose clause may also occur in a main ...
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Linguistic analysis of ChatGPT's default style of writing

Even though ChatGPT can - better or worse - mimic other writers' styles, it exhibits something like a default style of writing which is not very "characteristic" (because it's the ...
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How can I identify whether it is local or global ambiguity?

I am currently learning about local and global ambiguity and we had the following example in of the texts explaining what the topic is about: Paul sent the note to Elena. Paul sent the books, a record,...
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Do all languages have the subordinate clause next to the conjunction?

There are example languages for almost all the possible orderings of subject, verb and object in a simple sentence, with the order of frequency being: SOV > SVO > VSO > VOS > OVS > OSV. ...
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How to 'correctly' measure the complexity of the grammar of a language?

Linguists have some methods to measure the complexities of the grammar of a language. Some linguists may refer to how many grammar rules that language has. some may also refer to how many morphemes ...
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Languages w/out dependent clauses

Is there a language w/out dependent clauses, i.e. one in which you couldn't say e.g. "I know that x is here" w/ a clause, where the main clause is in italic and dependent in bold (and that overlaps, ...
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Subordination. Chinese vs English

Linguists claim that subordination is universal across the world languages. Subordination in English looks can be understood by looking into these examples: I know a person who has a dog I know a ...
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Is it possible that whole relative clause refers/describes one word/phrase in the main clause (without anaphora)?

My running example is the sentence (from the VAT law of one country): The building land is the plot in relation to which the building permit has been issued. There are possible at least two views on ...
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Is there a linguistics equivalent to Turing completeness?

In computer science, programming languages can be described in terms of "Turing completeness", basically, whether a programming language is capable of expressing any* algorithm. A non-Turing-complete ...
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Detecting Sentence Boundry

Lets say someone writes a message like: Bob: You are my best friend Daniel Nelsion: You have helped me a lot How can this type of written messages be separated as : Bob: You are my best friend ...
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Are there languages with discontinued subordinate clauses?

As for the languages I know I think to believe, that a subordinated clause comes in a chunk and not scattered throughout the main clause. For instance: I LIKE TO SING, while i slave away while I ...
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Help with constituency?

I am learning syntactic theory from the book "English Syntax and Argumentation." I got decent understanding of S, NP, VP, I. I do not use DP or TP because the textbook does not use it. However, I have ...
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Split a sentence using nltk and python

I am working on a task which involves information extraction, for which I require splitting a complex sentence into a bunch of simple sentences. For instance, In optics a ray is an idealized model ...
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Complex Sentence

I am having difficulty figuring out how to draw a syntax tree for the sentence: "Bill reported that a student asked whether the eclipse would occur." Im confused on which word is the complementiser ...
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How to find a given text's complexity?

I'm working on an application to teach English to people. In this application I need to classify texts based on many factors: What is the current knowledge the learner What is his/her interests How ...
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