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What is the difference between AUG and CCG?

What is the difference between Applicative Universal Grammar and Combinatory Categorial Grammar? They both use type inference rules to define their grammars. Is it simply that CCG uses combinatory ...
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Are there dictionaries which use Venn diagrams or set theory to clarify similarities between words?

Do there exist dictionaries containing lists of many different specific, not general, definitions of a word x lists of many detailed definitions or examples of a word y Venn diagrams showing which ...
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Hidden Markov Models: Linking states to labels after EM training

The tl;dr version first: I have the following problem: I implemented Baum Welch for ergodic HMMs. I do it like this: I pass the model two number C1 and C2, it builds a fully connected state machine ...
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OpenNLP - Is training still required for abbreviation even with abbreviation dictionary?

I just used OpenNLP for a small program where I was supposed to segment a paragraph into sentences. Although I was able to complete the task after reading some documentation and going through their ...
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Automatic sentence negation

I am looking for an automatic sentence negation tool. Something that will be able to perform conversions like: "this ball is large" ---> "this ball is small" "you should ...
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Why does matching any root of a question to any root of potential answers gives better text understanding results?

I'm trying to find a way to prevent Intelligent Agents with Reading Comprehension and Question Answering abilities to answer question from documents from a given dataset. After dependency parsing we ...
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Simple bigram letter model

I am working through an exercise where, given a set of corpora, I will implement a simple model on a test corpus to determine the most likely corpus. Say the corpora with which I want to learn are ...
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Support vector machines for stress prediction

I am fairly new to support vector machines and I was thinking about whether or not I could use them to tackle a specific research question in linguistics: My goal would be to find the probabilities ...
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ValueError: Can not squeeze dim[1], expected a dimension of 1

I want to buil a sequential LSTM model that predicts binary classification at every time step. More exactly, I want to predict an output for every paragraph in my texts (48 is the number of paragraphs)...
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Generating random logically consistent chains of sentences

I'm interested in generating random logically consistent chains of natural language sentences. I don't know anything about computational linguistics. I'm wondering if there are software packages or ...
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