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How to draw HPSG illustrations?

everyone!I want to draw HPSG pictures like this,what tools can I use? Are there any HPSG illustration generators like ?(that link is a syntax tree generator)
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Are there any academic papers on the "Adjective like (article) Noun" construction/ phrase?

I am currently working on a paper about the "Adj like (article) Noun" construction. Some would consider that which comes after the "like"-part to be a prepositional phrase if "...
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Do Modern Grammar Theories fall short in explaining Free Word Order?

Here's my childish challenge to generative grammar: Could anyone give me an analysis of Russian sentence Мама мыла раму. (Mom washed the (window) frame.) from the point of view of modern grammar ...
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Experimental support for construction grammar?

I realize there are many different instantiations of Construction Grammar (CxG), and I'm not necessarily tied to any particular version yet. I was curious if there are experiments that support CxG, or ...
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Computational applications of construction grammars

Are there NLP applications (either natural language understanding or generation) which make use of the Construction Grammar framework? On a related note, does there exist a logically organized list ...
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Generative vs Constructionist POV on Imperative's null subject

How might a constructionist approach to Imperative sentences respond to a Generative frammework in regards to an implied subject (;subject-less' sentences. (Based on the focus point from the ...
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New Scientist Article on Spoken Language? [closed]

I wondered if anyone had seen this article on Relational Frame Theory in the most recent edition of the New Scientist? It reports an active laboratory based research programme: https://www....
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In construction grammar, is extraction a property of the construction or a separate construction?

I have a question regarding the notion of 'construction' in construction grammar. When a construction, say a coordination or a prepositional phrase or something, allows or doesn't allow extraction, is ...
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What are the standard/best arguments against Construction Grammar?

Introductions to Construction Grammar's "construct-i-con" model often include explicit arguments against the "lexicon and rules" model on the grounds that the latter is less equipped to deal with ...
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What is this 'OBL'?

I'm reading Goldberg's Constructions and find her employing the symbol 'OBL' to represent a category of syntactic constituent. SUBJ OBL OBJ I take it that 'OBL' is read 'oblique' in some sense; ...
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