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Apache cTAKES is a natural language processing system for extraction of information from electronic medical record clinical free-text.

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Running cTAKES using all cores available

When running cTAKES on several text documents, is there any way to perform the processing using all the cores available? E.g. it is taking around one day to process 2000 of my documents, as it is ...
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Extracting the list of diseases as well as their negation from a physician note using cTAKES

E.g. I have the following physician note: The patient has diabetes. The patient does not have the flu. I would like to extract from it the information that diabetes and not flu are mentioned. How ...
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How to use the AssertionMiniPipelineAnalysisEngine in cTAKES?

I am trying to use Apache cTAKES to detect negations in physician notes. I have loaded the provided analysis engine apache-ctakes-3.2.2-bin\apache-ctakes-3.2.2\desc\ctakes-assertion\desc\...