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velarized alveolar lateral approximant

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Lateral Approximant v. s. Lateral consonant

Reference,_alveolar_and_postalveolar_lateral_approximants#Velarized_alveolar_lateral_approximant ...
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The dark l sound followed by a vowel sound during linking

the dark L in English is at the end of a word such as "girl", "pencil" or when it is followed by a consonant sound such as "child". I'm curious what is happening with the ...
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Cross-linguistic association between velarization and pharyngealization

Articulatorily, velarization and pharyngealization are distinct, but they are often conflated in linguistic analyses I've seen: Conflating them is common enough, I presume, that the IPA allocates the ...
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How can a speaker tell whether their idiolect has "dark l"?

I believe my variety of English, General Australian, has "dark l", but I'm not sure. I can't tell if I have it in my own idiolect or not. It's pretty well accepted (I think) that it's hard to ...
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