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How is declension class represented in Distributed Morphology?

Does somebody knows a good paper or textbook that would have a Distributed Morphology (DM) approach to declension class? Ora Matushansky writes that it is an "underlying nominal property influencing ...
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What is the origin of Marathi and Konkani case endings (specifically genitive and accusative-dative)?

In Konkani and Marathi, the genitive case ending is -च (cha) with a vowel attached to the end depending on the gender. I am curious to know the origin of this case ending. Is there potential of a ...
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Old Norse kné: a- stem or wa- stem?

The neuter noun kné follows a-stem declension. But it comes from Proto-Germanic *knewą. This seems to be a wa-stem. Then why does it follow a-stem declension? Did Scandinavians force it to, even ...
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Czech declension of Masculine Names ending in -a

I have come across several examples where at least in the genitive of a two-word phrase the name ending -a does not decline, e.g., svatého Sáva (vs. standard and more common Sávy), Alexandra (or ...
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How do I decline a noun phrase?

First, let me say that I'm bad at grammar. Everything I know about grammar I've learned because I want to make my own languages. Second, I've created an ergative-absolutive language (I'm learning as ...
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Group (in)flexion (Gruppenflexion) in Slavic?

Even in works by Slavic linguists, when the concept of group infexion is discussed (eg Mel'čuk) the examples are from "exotic" languages (some also mention the English possessive 's, though ...
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How to deal with modern Indian people's first names and surnames when declining in Sanskrit?

I have a question about how to deal with people's names when using Sanskrit in a modern context. Let's say I want to say "Ãnanda is in the forest", I can say वन आनन्दः. Ignoring any possible ...
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