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Dependency grammar, often abbreviated as DG, is a particular approach to the syntax of natural languages. DGs view words as directly linked to each other, whereby the links are directed. Phrases consist of a head/root word and its dependents.

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What features are good for dependency parsing?

I am trying to implement a graph based dependency parser. Since I come from a computer engineering perspective, I have trouble finding the features. Assuming that we have a (head,dependent) relation ...
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Subject control or object control?

In the recent paper “Universal Dependencies” by de Larneffe, Manning, Nivre and Zeman, published in Computational Linguistics in 2021, page 277 the following example is given: and it is said that ...
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Using (e.g.) Stanford NLP for retrieving specific “indirect” objects

I am a computer scientist using Stanford NLP for extracting a Semantic Graph from plain text. Through this tool I am already getting the universal dependencies but now I want to get all the possible ...
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Kuryłowicz on cases and prepositions

I've read Kuryłowicz's classic paper "Le problème du classement des cas" and I'm not sure how to interpret what he says about the difference between case affixes and prepositions. Does he in effect ...
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Specification of Dependency Grammar

My understanding is that, while natural languages aren't completely context-free, you can get a good approximation of a specification of English in Backus-Naur form, in that if you look at a given ...
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How should "at some time" be tagged in Universal Dependencies framework?

I want to tag a sentence Jones was unemployed at some time before he graduated. with UD tags. I'm not sure how to tag at some time. Stanford parser suggests the reading: case (time-6, at-4) det (...
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What exactly is the Structure-Dependency Principle

Could someone explain what structure-dependency is in layman terms, and why it's so important? Resources I've found on the internet weren't of much help so I'm asking on here. Thanks!
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Treatment of copular verb in dependency parse of Google Natural Language API vs Stanford CoreNLP parser

Basically my question is what is the correct treatment of copular verbs in the following sentence: "The car is red." According to Google Natural Language API, the root is the verb "is" and the "car" ...
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What theory of syntax and grammar do language typologists tend to prefer?

The first concerns the theory of syntax and grammar that typologists prefer: What theory of syntax and grammar do language typologists tend to prefer? Do they prefer a transformational phrase ...
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Which syntactic dependency parsers perform best on search query phrases?

Lots of NLP libraries contain syntactic dependencies parsers (e.g. spaCy, NLTK, Stanford NLP, Spark NLP...). As I understand it (please correct me if I'm wrong), these are mostly designed to parse ...
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Stance Detection with Dependencies Tree and POS Tagging

I'm working on a thing at the moment and I'm trying to do what's basically written on the title of this post. Disclaimer: I'm not trying to get my job done by others. Just share ideas and gathering ...
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Why does matching any root of a question to any root of potential answers gives better text understanding results?

I'm trying to find a way to prevent Intelligent Agents with Reading Comprehension and Question Answering abilities to answer question from documents from a given dataset. After dependency parsing we ...
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Which other languages have discontinuous dependencies and how are cross or long ones managed in them?

Discontinuous dependencies are a part of English syntatic rules and also are something which linguists are still trying to deal with. My question: which other languages have this problem and how does ...
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Adjunct domain and Argument domain

I am attempting a problem with anaphora resolution. I need help with some terms in the Lappin and Leass' paper. In the paper, it is mentioned A pronoun P is non-coreferential with a (non-...
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How to build a neural network dependency parser with a dynamic oracle?

I'm curruntly trying to improve the results of my dependency parser (arc-standard) when I found this article: that uses a dynamic oracle. The ...
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Other name for "Predeterminer"/"Noun Premodifier" Dependency Relation?

I'm reading a paper which makes use of word dependency relationships from the Stanford Dependencies (SD) list. One such relation they refer to as "Predeterminer" and "Noun Premodifer&...
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Induction of semantics for grammars of natural languages (as opposed to syntax)

I am learning about combinatory categorial grammars and the formal semantics of natural language, course by Partee (especially ...
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how to train parser using maltparser?

i have developed a small dependency treebank and now i want to run maltparser on it.i am working on urdu which is written in right-to-left (RTL) form. when i try to train parser it gives following ...
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