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Questions tagged [figure-of-speech]

For question concerning firgures of speech.

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Does this kind of simile have a more precise/specific name?

From the song If You Go Down (I’m Goin' Down Too) by Kelsea Ballerini I've known you since Brad and Angelina We go back like Pontiac seats From You Need To Calm Down by Taylor Swift You are ...
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Is there a term for "if" statements not intended as conditions, like "if you want"

I might say, "There is food in the fridge, if you want, Fred." I do not mean that food in the fridge will only exist if Fred wants it to exist. I mean, "There is food in the fridge, [...
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Why do forms of address differ depending of the type of politician?

In English, why do we say Mr. President/Mrs. President but not Mr. King/Mrs. Queen? My first language is French, and the same principle applies. What I mean is in French, we say Monsieur le Président/...
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Is there a word for a question which is meant to sow doubt?

A rhetorical question is meant to make a statement or point, in the form of a question. But that is different from a question that is asked with the intent to cause doubt. For instance, a lot of ...
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Name for a deliberate change of a meaning? [closed]

Is there a specific name, a figure of speech, for a "deliberate, even subtle change of the meaning of a word"? Example: "- You're doing politics at school as a teacher! - Everything can ...
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What is the linguistic term for referring to a big group by the name of just one of its contents?

I am trying to think up a word that I recall existing for a linguistic idea that I just cannot recall the name of. It is the idea of when you take a big group and refer to the entire group by the name ...
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What do you call a question to convey curiosity, without expecting a direct answer

I was wondering if there is a name for a question that you say out loud to convey curiosity about a topic, without necessarily expecting a direct answer from those around you. This may be used to ...
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Is there a term for common constructions like "X in general, and Y in particular?"

I have seen a syntactic meme that isn't common where I grew up. It is "X in general, and Y in particular" where Y has a meronym/part-to-whole relation with X. Here are some examples I found ...
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Name for rhetorical device contrasting two clauses with the subject and object swapped

Perhaps this question has already been answered somewhere but I don't even know how to begin to articulate it in its full generality so finding an answer has been difficult. Linguistics is not my ...
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"It is ___ that/who + verb." pleonasm vs. "___ + verb."

Is there a name for the following type of pleonasm: "It is John who runs." (instead of: "John runs.") "It was congress that legislated." (instead of: "Congress ...
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What’s the name of this figure of speech?

Saying “The not tall boy” instead of “The short boy” does it have a name?
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