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Why did Finnish and Sami noun-final A and I flip over?

I noticed a weird sound correspondence between Finnish and Northern Sami, and that is a list of words which pairwise end in -a or -ä in Finnish (this is the same archephoneme), and end in -i in ...
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What is the reconstructed root for fire in Proto-Uralic or Proto-Finno-Ugric?

Starostin alleges that IE root h₁n̥gʷnís has cognates in Finno-Urgic. But I distrust this database and also I would like to know what was the proto-form of the root, particularly, the origin of Mari ...
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Sami loanwords in Swedish language [closed]

Are there any words in Swedish borrowed directly from Sami languages? Excluding proper nouns. One example would be enough for "yes" answer. A link to some research on related subject is required for "...
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Were the Old Komi Tamgas a writing system?

Inspired by this answer to A good example of a Finnic or Finno-Ugric language that can be confused with Finnish? I want to know more about the Tamga signs. Did they constitute a writing system? Is ...
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A good example of a Finnic or Finno-Ugric language that can be confused with Finnish?

I am kind of writing a book, which is set in medieval times and I have a kind of conflict between a drunk and a tavern-keeper that takes offence to the drunk calling him a Finn because his accent ...
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How did Asian and European people end up speaking Uralic languages?

There are European people (Finns, Hungarians, Estonians) who speak Uralic languages. And there are Asian people (Nenets) who speak them too. How did this happen? Was there an empire that encompassed ...
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