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"Focussed for locus"

Wikipedia mentions that one of the slots in the Sumerian verb template is the "conjugation prefixes", whose meaning no one apparently knows for sure, other than that every verb has to have ...
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How does order of prepositional phrases effect semantics?

I was discussing the semantics difference when switching prepositional objects in the following sentences with a German native: , damit die Eltern auf ihre Kinder über CCTV aufpassen können, damit ...
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Left Dislocated Topics that Correspond to Foci

Can a topic ever correspond to a focus? In the sentence below, the left dislocated topic is the antecedent of the resumptive pronoun she, but she is in focus. 'Mary, SHE ate my cake!' Context: I know ...
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What is sentence focus environment?

I am currently reading a chapter about dialect that distinguish dialects according to the alignment that is used in the dialect (alignment such as nominative-accusative, tripartite. etc) I am ...
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Different ways to interpret stressed words in a sentence

I'm reading an introductory book on syntax and one of the exercises says to discuss the interpretations which the italicized expression can have in the given sentences and to give an appropriate ...
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Are there instances in which an entire sentence constitutes a focus--new information?

Are there instances in which an entire sentence constitutes a focus--new information? Consider the following scenario: Three people are talking together about a mutual friend who is in the ...
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What is the difference between "Topic" and "Focus"

What is the difference between grammatical categories "Topic" and "Focus"? They are both optional, and they succeed "Force" and they both seem to stress a part of text. Rizzi places them in the ...
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Focus-marking in different varieties of Spanish

Spanish is often described as putting focused constituents at the end of the sentence, leading for instance to VOS word order in sentences with a focused subject. (For instance, Maria Zubizarreta's ...
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