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4 votes
3 answers

How do various frameworks account for situations when multiple cases can be assigned?

My mother and I went to the market. My mother and me went to the market. Many (most?) English speakers today will accept both of these as grammatical. But it would be hard to argue that they ...
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Which grammar framework the terms "predicate/ complement/ adjunct" belong to?

From wiki, there're a number of grammar frameworks. Which framework the terms "predicate/ complement/ adjunct" belong to?
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2 votes
1 answer

Is there any formal notion of how presenting an ontology causes people to think within that ontology?

I am considering a notion called a “frame”. The idea is that sometimes people make assertions about something - anything in the world - and to analyze the effect of that statement, it’s less important ...
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Which linguistic terms, concepts, theories are particularly associated with narrative writing?

Sure, it is obvious, narrative writing is a subject of linguistics. Nevertheless, the many topics I browsed through in this site randomly very seldom dealt with narrative structures and processes, it ...
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2 answers

Tools to work with definiteness

I am planning to do a research paper in the definite articles of my dialect. Can anyone provide me with any framework that is suitable for analyzing the definite articles?
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Has anyone developed a complete, hierarchical ontology of “language”?

If we consider whatever the phenomenon of “language” is, what might be the most immediate way of subdividing it into types? For example, it could be broken into specific instances of languages, vs. ...
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