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For questions concerning the scotish gaelic language, a celtic language spoken in Scotland.

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Will a teacher fluent in Irish be useful in learning pronunciation of Scottish Gaelic ( Gàidhlig ) Folk Songs?

My kids are hoping to learn some Gaelic folk songs. We have some folk songs we would like to learn such as Fear a Bhàta: 'S tric mi sealltainn o'n chnòc a's àirde Dh'fheuch am faic mi fear a bhàta An ...
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Looking for contrastive feature hierarchies for Irish, Manx and/or Scottish Gaelic

Where might I find ready-made contrastive feature hierarchy trees for these languages? In the case that they aren’t available anywhere online, I may need to make my own, in which case I’m looking for ...
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The language of Macphersons Ossian

I am thoroughly confused about something for quite some time and hope that someone here can enlighten me. There is the very famous literary opus "Ossian" edited by James Macpherson (JM), what is ...
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