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Help sought with understanding an aspect of genitive/possessive

In English, we can use the possessive in such a way that the noun being described is omitted, chiefly in cases where it has already been introduced. For example; "This chair is mine, and that is ...
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Languages that distinguish between objective vs. subjective genitives

Are there languages that grammatically distinguish between objective and subjective genitives?
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What are the subjective and objective genitives?

I have recently come across the terms subjective genitive and objective genitive, but I don't fully understand them. From what I have read, an example might be 'the love of God', as in 'the love of ...
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What is meant by the term 'genitive of appurtenance'

In his Sanskrit Grammar, William Dwight Whitney describes the uses of the genitive case in Sanskrit and he mentions the 'genitive of possession or appurtenance': The genitive in its normal ...
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Case in English phrase "friend of mine"

In English phrases like Jesse is a friend of mine/*of me the case of the word "mine" is not the oblique ("me") which usually occurs with prepositions ("That's a part of me that you don't see too ...
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Genitive forms (German)

Do you know any rule how I can decide (formally), wheter a German sentence contains a Genitivus subjectivus or a Genitivus objectivus? Example: "der Besuch des Botschafters". Here, the ambassador ...
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What is the modern conception of the syntactic structure of a possessive?

I'm trying to find modern work (more modern than Abney 1987) on the structure of a genitive phrase. Abney has a possessive phrase, like my dog, headed by a D head which assigns genitive case to "my," ...
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Why are genitives/possessives incompatible with restrictive post-modifiers, esp. relative clauses?

I have long been intrigued by the following fact: in at least certain Western European languages (e.g., standard English, Spanish, and, as far as I can tell, also standard German and French, at least) ...
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What is the word class of the first part of a partitive genitive?

I'm trying to determine the part of speech in the following example: German: Mario Götze ist einer der besten Fußballspieler der Welt. (partitive genitive) English: Mario Götze is one of the ...
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Genitives without explicit genitive case marking

In English, the NP in the genitive is the specifier of D' under which the genitive 's head subsumes. E.g.: [DP [NP [N' [N Ali]]][D'[D 's][NP [N' [N mother]]]]] In Malay, nouns in the genitive case ...
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Examples of Equative Genitive Adjectival Languages

Sorry for the confusing title, but I'm not aware of any common linguistic terms for the concepts at hand, so I'm kinda making them up as I go. So I'll start by explaining the question. There are a ...
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Are there any languages where the genitive case changes according to its object?

In forms like Claudio's house or Claudio's dogs, are there languages in which the Claudio's would change depending on gender and number of the houses or dogs?
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