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For questions about the relation between geographical features like altitude or humidity and linguistic features.

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Determining with remarkable accuracy birthplace of an American based on his pronunciation of a few words -- still possible?

Probably 40 or more years ago, I saw a professor of perhaps linguistic pick random members of a live tv audience, ask them to pronounce just a few words in English and I believe each time, guess the ...
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Are there geographic or cultural patterns in surname etymologies?

I was reading in Wikipedia that the origins of European surnames can be classified into categories like patronymics, occupational, toponymics and nicknames. If this classification is old or incomplete ...
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Are there correlations between specific geographic and phonetic features? [duplicate]

Langauges that are closer to eachother geographically tend to share features. However, can it be said that language communities in distant but geographically similar regions tend to have similar ...
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Has the Russian way of pronunciation been affected by frost?

I am a student learning both English and Russian, and I find the Russian pronunciation to be very different from the English one. A few months ago I made a detailed post on the Linguistics SE to ...
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Swiss suffix -ikon in place names

I've been wondering about the Swiss (exclusively, I think) suffix in place names like Opfikon, Oerlikon or my favourite Pfäffikon. What is the origin of the -ikon or -likon ending? It seems ...
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How would the ocean affect language?

Although I don't think it's been definitively proven, there is evidence to suggest that language is shaped, at least partially, by the physical landscape the speakers are using it in. 1 2 I'm ...
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Influence of the climate and geography on the phonemes

I would like to construct a language for a fictional world. From what I gathered in different places, the first element to consider are the phoneme used by the speakers. However, since I already have ...
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