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National language of Georgia. Member of the Kartvelian language family.

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Is there any difference in meaning or nuance when the adjective follows the noun in Georgian?

Many languages allow the order of adjectives compared to nouns to vary, but for different reasons: Some languages have very free word order in which case there is little difference between adj + noun ...
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What do Georgian thematic suffixes even do, and where do they come from?

Georgian has two sets of verb affixes that don't really mark a specific tense or aspect themselves, but the combination of them narrows down which TAM-indicating conjugation you're looking at - the ...
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Georgian prefix-suffix lists!

I'm wondering if there are some lists for Georgian prefix-suffix changing parts of speech (with some explanations about the changes occur in roots or stems (e.g syncope ch'am -> ch'm)) sorted in such ...
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Is /ɑ/ of Standard Georgian realized as [ə]?

On page 263 of this PDF on Standard Georgian, it shows a narrow transcription of the North Wind and the Sun as narrated by a native speaker of the Georgian language. In that transcription, the ...
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Do Diphthongs occur in Georgian?

I'm asking this question because of this study ...
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