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How can you 'test' for grammatical properties in A Student's Introduction to English Grammar?

According to the book A Student's Introduction to English Grammar (2005), grammatical terms, e.g., subject, object, noun, verb, adjective, etc. should not be defined by meaning, but by grammatical ...
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What are wish and if-clause called as a group?

I'm not sure about the grammatical category of wish and if-clause. I have found some names like hypothetical sentences, conditional, subjunctive mood. But I don't think they are the academic name for ...
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"come a long way" [V+OBJ/COMP/ADJUNCT]?

Can someone tell me i) in terms of constituent tree structure, if a long way is a complement as opposed to an adjunct ii) in terms of thematic roles, whether a long way takes on the role of location ...
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